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Online Mixing

In our studio in Hamburg, SCE Sound offers high quality mixing service on the internet. Our studio facilities are equipped with the finest pro audio gear and plug-ins (includes Universal Auido, Slate Digital, Waves, Daking, Neumann) and our expert sound engineer have years of experience delivering major-label quality mixes across all styles of music.

You can send your tracks via our online mixing service from all over the World. Online mix service includes 2 mix revision and you can send your reference track to us for matching the sound. Your tracks are delivered in 3 days. For further questions, please send us an E-Mail.


Uplaod your track


Listen a preview and request two revision


Download your final mix


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Editing & Vocal Tuning

If you have raw vocal track that needs to be edited or auto-tuned, then we can take your tracks to next level. We use the latest, state-of-the-art technology to tune and edit your vocals. 

Every vocal recording has some unwanted noises, unnecessary breaths and some out-of- tune notes. We deliver you a perfect, clean an in-tune vocal track. For your additional questions, send us an E-mail or visit our studio in Hamburg. 

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